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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How Do I Register for a Fitness Class?
    Look for the "events" tab on the website. Click on "classes". Click on the class of interest to you. Review the schedule & upcoming dates. Click the "Register" button.
  • 2. How Do I Cancel or Reschedule a Class or Court Booking?
    Login to your profile at the top of the website, Click on "my bookings" Click "cancel" or "reschedule"
  • 3. Can I Invite Guests to the Fitness Classes?
    Currently no guests are permitted to fitness classes. This is determined based on a class-by-class basis and is based on available space and interest level. You must bring a piece of government issued identification and a key fob assigned to that address in order to attend any of the fitness classes.
  • 4. How much does it cost for a fitness class or court booking?
    The costs of the fitness class and courts are covered in your yearly HOA fees. Thus, they are free for residents to attend provided they bring photo government issued identification and a key fob assigned to that address.
  • 5. How Do I Book the Tennis Court?
    - Only residents of Upper Windermere that have a key fob can book the tennis courts. - The resident must remain on the court with their guests at all times. - The tennis court can be booked in 30 minute slots on certain pre-set days. - Only one court booking per day, per tennis group. - You (or other members of your group) cannot book back-to-back sessions. Tennis court bookings can be made here if you are an Upper Windermere resident
  • 1. What are the Leisure Centre Hours?
    The Leisure Centre is open from 9 am to 9 pm daily. This is to ensure access for all residents, while maintaining some peace and quiet for residents who live nearby. Please note that some amenities may experience temporary closures that could affect these hours (i.e., the swimming pool will close in the event of a thunderstorm, or a closure of the amenities due to the annual summer BBQ).
  • 2. How Many Guests Can I Bring to the Leisure Centre?
    Maximum 5 guests per HOUSEHOLD. Residents are responsible for their guests and must remain on the property the ENTIRE time that their guests are there.
  • 3. Is there a Lost & Found?
    The Private Leisure Centre does have a lost and found. Any belongings left in the facility after dusk will be placed in the clubhouse’s “Lost and Found” for one week. We may attempt to post the items to our Facebook page and/or a resident email. If the item(s) are not claimed, they will be discarded or donated. The Windermere Residents’ Association will not be responsible for any personal items left at the facility, pool, park or rink.
  • 4. Is the Private Leisure Centre Supervised?
    Our Facility Manager will be on and off site at various times, but does not follow a set schedule. Lifeguards will be on site at SPECIFIC times to supervise the pool area. Lifeguards are NOT always present. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK! All children must be closely supervised by their guardians, and kids under age 8 MUST be within an arms length of their guardian at ALL TIMES. Please remember that children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • 5. Who Should I Contact if I have a Question, Concern, Suggestion or Comment About the Leisure Centre?
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns related to the Private Leisure Centre, please contact the office by calling (780) 432-4444, or by emailing our facilities manager at Alternatively, you can raise your concerns with a WRA Board Member if you know one.
  • 6. Who Do I Contact If People are Breaking the Rules?
    Any resident found to be breaking the rules will have their key fobs suspended immediately for 1 week, during which time there will be a review of the incident by the WRA Board. The Board of Directors will decide what consequences will follow, which could include an extended key fob suspension or revoking access to the facility. If you notice individuals breaking the rules for the Private Leisure Centre, please contact the Facility Manager or a staff member. Contact 911 for trespassers after hours.
  • 1. How Do I Obtain a Key Fob to the Private Leisure Centre?
    Please contact the Facility Manager to set up an appointment and go through the required paperwork and obligatory facility tour. You will need to provide legal proof of home ownership, which includes your new home address to ensure you are a resident of Upper Windermere.
  • 2. What Happens if I lose my key fob?
    Please contact the Facility Manager to report the lost key fob so we can have it disabled and re-issue a new one. You will be responsible to pay a $50 replacement fee for a new key fob. Cheques accepted only. Please make cheques payable to “Upper Windermere Residents Association”.
  • 3. How Many Key Fobs Can We Have?
    You are allowed one key fob per household. This is to ensure that the key fobs handed out to residents stay in the hands of residents. It helps to maintain the security of the facility and amenities.
  • 4. I Live in a Different Area of Windermere. Can I Get a Key Fob?
    Only residents of Upper Windermere are able to obtain key fobs to the Upper Windermere Private Leisure Centre. Any residents outside of Upper Windermere limits cannot obtain a key fob.
  • 1. Can Our Business Sponsor an Event?
    Yes! We are always looking for sponsors for our events like our Summer BBQ or Canada Day Celebration! Reach out and contact us at (780) 432-4444.
  • 2. How Do I know When There is a New Upcoming Event?
    We usually post our events several weeks to over a month in advance. Check our website or Facebook page for upcoming events at the Leisure Centre and throughout the community. Alternatively, subscribe to our emails to get the latest information, including potential event cancellations in the event of inclement weather.
  • 3. Can we Bring Guests to Events?
    It depends on the event. Some events are strictly reserved for residents only, and check in is with a resident guest list. For other low key events, such as the sandcastle building contest, a maximum of 5 guests per household must be adhered to. If you are unsure if guests are allowed to a particular event, please reach out to our facility or on Facebook.
  • 4. Do We Have to Register for an Event? Or Can We Just Show Up?
    Technically you do not have to pre-register for an event and you can just show up. HOWEVER, pre-regsitering for events allows us to plan for an allotted number of people planning to attend. This could affect how we setup the event, how many prizes to purchase, or how much food and drink to buy. So please help us by using the "Events" tab to make an RSVP!
  • 5. Can I Sign Up for an Event If I Don't Live in Upper Windermere?
    No. Signing up for an event is for Upper Windermere Residents only.
  • 6. How Do I Sign Up for an Event?
    Click on the "Events" Tab on the website. Navigate to "Upcoming Events". Click on the event you are interested in. Click on "RSVP"
  • 7. How Do I Cancel my RSVP to an Event?
    On the website click on: - the menu tab "Events" - "Upcoming Events" - Click the RSVP button on the event you would like to cancel. When it opens up to a new page, click the "Cancel Reservation" button.
  • 1. How Will I Know When Registration Is Open For Private Programming?
    When registration opens for any Private Leisure Centre programming we’ll send out an email, post it to our Facebook group, and post it to the UW website.
  • 2. How Can I Pay for a Private Leisure Centre Program?
    The Private Leisure Centre will accept cheques as payment. Please make cheques payable to: Upper Windermere Residents Association.

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